Shortly after being installed as 11th Bishop of Salford, our bishop launched diocesan consultation. It sought to establish people’s opinion about a wide range of issues, such as governance of the diocese, sacraments (First Holy Communion and Confirmation) and lay participation. It was accompanied by a series of pastoral letters and a number of decisions followed.

The consultation report, presenting summary of responses and decisions made was published in November 2015. It also introduced plans to close half of the parishes in the diocese but outlined further consultation process. Document outlining further proposed plans for restructuring of the parishes in the diocese was published in July 2016, for a 3-month consultation period ending on 14th October 2016.

The outcome of the consultation for our parish was announced on 15th January 2017, in bishop's pastoral letter.

The summary of proposed changes in our deanery is available here.

The document with more detailed explanation of the rationale for changes is presented in this report.

Pastoral letters & Report

April 2017Pastoral Letter - 5th Sunday of Lent
January 2017Pastoral letter for our Parish - outcome of the consultation
November 2016Pastoral letter for Advent 2016
July 2016Proposed plan for restructuring of parishes in the diocese
November 2015Summary of the report
November 2015Consultation report
June 2016Pastoral letter - 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 2016Pastoral letter for Caritas Sunday
November 2015Response to the consultation
September 2015First response to the consultation
June 2015Six Months in...
February 2015For the beginning of Lent
December 2014First greetings

Parish & Deanery statistics

Independent research, which utilised publicly available data, was conducted to provide a better understanding of the socio-demographic characteristics of the parish and deanery population. Summaries and full reports are available via links below.

Parish statistics - full report (PDF)
Deanery statistics (website)