Portland Girl's Club

Portland Girl's Club

The Portland Club is run for girls in the age range 7 - 10 who live in the Ardwick, Longsight or Levenshulme area.

Planned sessions

March: 18th
April: 1st, 15th

Time: 2pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Ida Kinsey Centre, 17 Guide Post Rd, Manchester M13 9HP

It is open to any girls aged 7+, and we are always looking for older girls to help.


Our aim for the club is to: encourage the girls reach their full human potential through building up confidence and self esteem, understanding the value of themselves and others for who they are whilst having fun!


The benefits to your daughter - we have our own ethos which is an important part of belonging to the Portland Club. All activities, even sports, are aimed at character building.

We recognise that the girls coming to the club are the future of society in Britain and that this requires personal development; the personal rolling-out of a set of principles which will make them happy, mature and stable - a stability which comes from good self-confidence.

We want to support parents to nurture caring and responsible people who will be good friends to their friends and good children. An environment like this club helps the girls to mature together - also the club is more or less technology-free except where this is essential for the session or activity.

The girls who come to the club will engage with other girls not necessarily in their own school, background, religion or entertainment environment. This helps them to develop new friendships and skills in a safe and friendly environment.


Art (Drawing and Painting)
Fun Science
Fun with Foreign Languages
Music and Singing

Parent volunteers

We think that Parents have a great deal to offer in a Club because they are the ones who know their children best. Parent Volunteers would be most welcome.

Contact the Volunteers' Coordinator about this or for more information about the Portland Club if you think your daughter would enjoy it.

Club for girls aged 11-16

If you have daughters or know any girls between the ages of 11 and 16 we are also considering having a Portland Study Group with Volunteers who can help them with their school subjects. Let us know.


Liz Quispe - mobile: 0788 263 1827, email: lizpquispe@yahoo.co.uk