30th July 2017

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In these parables you and I are the pearls of great price and the treasure in the field. Jesus is the one who finding each of us loves us so much that he goes away and gives up everything, his dignity, his freedom even his life to pay the price for us. The price which is the cross. At the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven is the love that God has for each one of us individually, a love revealed in Christ, a love which makes him search for us and when he finds us to give up everything for us.

This love of Jesus is like the net. For God’s love embraces good and bad. And so the Church on earth contains good and bad. A mystery of love that will only be fully understood when at the end of time the Kingdom is revealed in all its glory and the good and bad fish are separated.

Have you understood all this Jesus asks his disciples and us. If the answer is yes then Jesus gives one more parable. Someone becoming a disciple is like a householder bringing out both new and old. The love of God is both new and old. God has existed always and so has God’s love, that love is fully revealed in Jesus, it is proclaimed by the Church throughout history and it dawns anew in each one of us, it will be fully revealed to the whole world at the end of time. It is old and new, but it is the same thing, it is in the end Jesus who loves each of us personally and longs for us and searches for us and comes to us and makes known God to us.

Never stop the search for Jesus and never stop Jesus finding you.